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 Plant Toxicology Division, Second Section, Public Health Bureau, Chiayi City consolidated with Cleansing Service Office, Chiayi City and form Environmental Protection Bureau, Chiayi City on September 1st, 1988. The Bureau’s main duty was to manage environmental protection. It had three sections, one branch, one office, and other divisions relating to personnel, accounting, etc. Due to increasing environmental protection affairs, it was further modified to three sections, one branch, and 3 offices on June 14th, 1998. On June 14th, 2003, Civil Service Ethics Office was added into the bureau. On January 31st, 2008, the name of organization was officially changed to Environmental Protection Bureau, Chiayi City. For the purpose of applying to Self-governance Law and making people to understand the organization structure more throughly, names of First section, Second Section, Third Section, General Affairs Section, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, & Civil Service Ethics Office were changed to following: Planning Section, Pollusion Prevention Section, Waste Management Section, Administrative Affairs Section, Accounting Section, Personnel Section, & Civil Service Ethics Section, accordingly. The name of Cleanning Squad remained the same. More details were listed in organization chart.



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5F., No.184, Wufong N. Rd., Chiayi City 60045, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel:(05)225-1775 Fax:(05)225-5943 Environmental Protection hotline:0800-066-666 E-Mail:epb@cycepb.gov.tw Office Hours:Monday to Friday AM8:00~12:00 PM:13:30~17:30